Hydropneumatic systems

Pressure intensifiers, airoil actuators, flow control valves and hydropneumatic cylinders offer a maximum of movement sequences. The HPE hydropneumatic feed unit sets special standards as an integrated, individually controllable and regulatable drive element for tool and packaging machines and in process and handling engineering. 

Rotary actuator DSO-HPE

Rotary actuator DSO-HPE

Following the successful design of the standard rotary actuator type DSO, SPECKEN-DRUMAG developed a rotary actuator series with a closed-circuit hydropneumatic system and automatic leakage oil compensation. Precise adjustment of the angular speed over a wide range in both directions of rotation with fitted adjustment throttles and hydraulic progressive damping at the end stops are the characteristic features of these actuators. The pressure forces acting on the operating piston are transferred directly to the hydraulic medium, which permits precise adjustment of the rotating motion. The rotary actuator series DSO-HPE is manufactured with a piston diameter of 50, 63, 80 and 100 mm and with a rotation angle of 180°. If dimensions and weight of the actuators are unimportant, larger piston diameters and rotation angles are available upon request. All additional equipment and special pinion shafts are also available for the DSO-HPE. The cylinder tubes are made of steel, and contact-free enquiries with a solenoid piston are therefore not possible with this combination of materials. 

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